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Kim and Tony are rare stitchmasters who are also gifted pattern-makers and designers. There's almost nothing in tailoring or dressmaking that they won't tackle. But that's not all they as clothing doctors will do for you: Kim specializes in fashion engineering, while Tony is surgical with the scissor & needle.

Virtually any type of (better) garment known can be repaired including cashmere, fine wool suits, fine knits, sweaters, and many other delicate fabrics.


  1. 1. To know you.
  2. 2. To help you outwardly express what you inwardly possess.
  3. 3. To see you smile.

We Do Same Day Service

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We are excited to share our recent honor of being awarded
"2011 Best of Huntington Beach Award"
in the Wedding Gown Specialist category by the US Commerce Association.

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